The Fullness

A modern fable
by Dariush Alavi


by Renaud Salmon

In the manner of ancient sagas, The Fullness of Paradise takes us in the footsteps of the stranger on his quest to find and restore plenitude - a new olfactory universe, formed in response to the strangeness of our time, where the gradual forsaking of all certainty will lead to the fragrance of truth.

Table of contents


The Pool of Sand

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The Unseeing Roads

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The Maze of Touches

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The Vying Towers

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The Pleasure Cocoons

Although I had floated through the crystal clouds several times by this stage in my bewildering journey – still not entirely able to abandon the conviction that it was a sleep-induced fantasy – the shock of being thrust back into that extraordinary skyscape was almost palpable...

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The Blanket of Echoes

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The Fullness of Paradise

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